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Regal Furnishings - Blog 19

By keef & annie, Mar 17 2012 01:26PM

RECOMMENDED by motorhome-travels.

We have just had our autosleeper clubman spruced up by having all the fabrics re-upholstered.

Barrie & Mick at Regal Furnishings are lovely guys and make you feel welcome and extra proud of your motorhome / rv. They love it when folk see their updated & refreshed vans for the first time and go WOW!

People travel to them from all over Europe and it generally just takes a day. You can leave it with them and then come back to a great surprise.

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PS if you have a way to come Barry & Michael will let you park up overnight, power hook up as well!

Regal Furnishings 2016
Regal Furnishings 2016
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old logo c 2012
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