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Ties for Wheel Trims, Blog 42

By keef & annie, Jul 29 2012 08:14AM

Having been away recently and rather frustratingly lost a wheel trim in transit I decided to use the plastic cable ties you can get on eBay to secure my new wheel trims.

The wheel trims are quite costly and if you lose one trim it is often very difficult to get an exact match so you often end up have to get a costly set of 4. So for £1 for a pack of 100 ties its a no brainer. I even managed to get a matching colour bewteen tie & trim so the tie is almost visually invisible. I decided to tie them up top and bottom as well just in case (heaven forbid) that in the future I clip a kerb or something.

Could save you some money in the future!

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secure your wheel trims
secure your wheel trims
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