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By keef & annie, Aug 12 2013 07:13PM

This is a retrospective post as I came across a few pictures of our first ever trip away in our then new motorhome. Ahhh the days. It was a very wet few days at the Caravan Club site at clumber park, not too far to drive but a great way to try out all the things that one is seeing for the 1st time since the demo when you bought the van and a great learning experience it is.

We had issues with some leaks and a few other grumbles / things we couldn't remember how to do them but as it was all under warrenty and our sellers were not far away we got most of them sorted.

We would wholeheartedly encourage any one buying a new van to do the same, just a few days away initially to try it all out. As the UK is still cold at this time of year we even tried out all the fires, hot air blowers,gas & electric operations.... do the lot .... create a snagging list and get back to the seller /garage straight after and get them sorted then your 1st real trip away in your new van will be a pleasure.

Hope it helps let us have your feedback via the comments below


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Rgds Keef & Annie

clumber park site,nottinghamshire
clumber park site,nottinghamshire

By keef & annie, Jan 20 2013 11:36AM

So glad we invested in the breathable cover. See Blog 51 for more details

One extra tip. If its gonna be a long harsh winter, which alas it probably is with snow, is to ensure that there is charge to your engine battery. We have the van plugged into the garage with a timer, set for a few hours each week just to give a trickle charge to the engine battery, with the internal switch set to engine rather than habitation as one would when in normal mode at a camp site.

Hope the tip helps.

Have a safe and secure winter.... best wishes from motorhome-travels blog!

See the photos on our SLIDESHOW page

Additional thoughts...remove any curtains they can mould, bring them indoors and ensure all security systems are fitted. We left the power to the engine on via the garage at 6hours once a week, enough to keep the engine ticking over, oh and rolled the van back and forth monthly to stop the tyres from getting excessive weight in one place. Hope it helps.

Breathable cover
Breathable cover

By keef & annie, Feb 24 2012 12:40PM

Even if these just need washing to freshen them up after a few years of travelling taking down your curtains in a VW motorhome and /or van can be a nightmare. Even delicate female fingers found this a challenge and as for my porkers well I wasn't even at the races.

We had had some advice from a guy who worked on upholstery for autosleepers for a long time and his advice was DON’T or be very very careful, the track holders are fiddly, small and inaccessible and each end has 2 minute fitted metal screws to hold the last one from either sliding off the rail or right across when you pull them.

So we approached our new VW Autosleeper Clubman Anniversary with some trepidation. He was almost right, DON’T but we had to as we are replacing the fabric covers in the van as well and need something to match. Sure enough one of the little metal ends fell on the green carpet at the front and was hell to find, we did eventually.

So getting them off was hard. Putting them back on eventually we guessed would be a breeze, nope almost impossible. I was hunting the internet to see if it was possible to find a replacement set of hook & eyes to make the job similar to hanging normal house hold curtains and low and behold l found VW curtains dot com, we have compared the two side by side and tried them out, perfect and although we haven’t made the new curtains yet or hung them in the van my guess is we won’t be calling up the divorce lawyers *smile*

We will let you know here via commentary how it went when they are finally up.

Does anyone else have any experience of this ‘problem’, if so we would love to hear from you. One of our aims of this website is to start meeting more people and sharing ideas for a better ‘motorhome’ life. i.e more time to enjoy the travel / place than concentrating on the motorhome, which of course is fun anyhow.

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replacing old with new on a vw anniversary clubman
replacing old with new on a vw anniversary clubman